Step 1: Pick up your size and model

Since there are many different sizes in different model, and we keep it very simple that one size in two different styles “diamond” and “step-through”. Therefore, once you measure your tall and height, then you can find your size.

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Step 2: Pick your style and color

In order to let your kids or you to enjoy the most, and we have pick few frame selections for you. Diamond, step-through, or Y-frame. These frame styles have their own advantage, and such as Y frame is good for both boys and girls. It is much neutral design. Diamond frame is good for very active boys or girls. Step-through is good for slow and casual rider boys or girls. Meanwhile, you will need to consider if your kids need training wheels to start with before they can pedaling. Or they are ready to ride two wheel and just need kickstand. All these things will be decided after you knowing which size of the bike are you going to choose. Our order system will help pick the model you will need it.

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Step 3: Placing your order online

The last thing need to do is put your order online, and we will do the fastest we can to process your order.

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Spending more time with your kids and family

Life is so short, and when people gone through their growing age. The most memory moment was during the childhood. All these enjoyable moment during their childhood can be riding bicycles. If you want your kids and your family have a great memory for the future, and we will strongly recommand buy one of suitable kids bike for your kids. Riding with them be their company. One day, when your children bring up this wonderful moment, and you will understand all these expenses are all worth!

Please remember… Time will never come back once it pass, but our memory will never disappear!

Last Thing…

Enjoy the riding, and giving your kids the best and comfortable bicycles!

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